Personal Blogs Unite – What on earth is this?

Welcome to Personal Blogs Unite. At this time, you are probably a Personal Blogger looking for more traffic, or a community of Personal Bloggers.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. I am IncognitoTeenager, a personal blogger who is very interested in the community of Personal Bloggers out there. I wanted to create a website where personal bloggers to unite to post their posts, without having pageviews on their official site. But, if you are a personal blogger, you probably don’t care about pageviews too much, and rather care about comments and community; which is why this site is easy. If you’re looking for pageviews, go somewhere else.

With this site, I want a community of personal bloggers and personal blog readers to find their daily spice of being in another person’s shoes all in one place. Yes, I know about RSS and Google Reader making it easier than ever, but it’s still pretty tough.

At this moment, I am still editing the site to make it look spiffy, and accepting applications to join in this.

By joining, you will become one of the first 35 members, and if this site becomes what I hope it to be, you will be a legend beyond all means. You will also be part of a community, as I believe the 35 of us will be reading all of each other’s, so we’ll probably get a good 25 comments a day. Because of this, we’ll get a lot more traffic, if all 35 of us are promoting our direct website, and this one. (I will try to get banners soon).

What does it take to join? I’d like consistent bloggers (a minimum of weekly posts) with quality. Also, you have to have a personal blog – a blog about your life and your thoughts.

If you do post here, I’ll need you to make 100-250 word excerpts, because we don’t want the front page spammed with 1000 word blog posts.

So, if you want to join, or get more information, because I don’t really know what else to say here, go ahead and email me, and I’ll get to you as soon as possible.

I would suggest giving me a reason why you wish to join, a link to your personal blog, and some info about you. That’d be really helpful.

A faster way though, is to comment below, as I don’t check my email as oftenly as expected.

If you know other personal bloggers who’d like to join, go ahead and send them to this link too!

-The Incognito Teenager